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Uncovering the Hidden Treasure of Australia’s Famous East Coast: Part 1, New South Wales

You are here Home News Uncovering the Hidden Treasure of Australia’s Famous East Coast: Part 1, New South Wales

The only way to truly experience the beauty of Australia’s most Scenic Coastline is to travel amongst it.

Experiencing the picture perfect Australian East Coast is a must-do during your time in Australia. With a mixture of Australia’s largest cities and small coastal villages, you will have the ultimate Australian Culture Experience; get amongst the rush of Sydney and then enjoy the laid-back ‘Australian Lifestyle’ of Byron Bay.

To truly feel part and experience the beauty of Australia, you need to be amongst it; if you fly from location to location you will be assured that you will miss the hidden treasures situated along the East Coastline. Create a flexible travel itinerary that will allow you to travel at your own pace, visit the locations that you want and visit the mysteries that you travel through on the way. The ideal way to travel through Australia’s coastline is by motor vehicle however take the liabilities and over the top costs off your hands and book a bus tour that allows you to travel on a hop-on-hop off basis at a fraction of the cost.

To help you uncover the ‘hidden treasures’, we’ve put together the ultimate travelling list including Australia’s top tourism destinations and local hotspots that won’t be found in your average tourism holiday guide.

Sydney’s Beaches

Starting in Southern New South Wales, Sydney (arguably Australia’s most popular city) is a location not to be missed. Enjoy the best of both worlds, venture into the heart of Sydney and experience the buzz of Australia’s busiest city and then kick-back and enjoy the weather at one of the many extraordinary beaches that Sydney has to offer.

In your travels, you can’t miss Australia’s famous Bondi Beach, sink your feet into the soft white sand and enjoy the glimmers of the crystal clear water. You will be surprised when you arrive and experience its beauty that is conveyed across postcards all over the world; it’s a location that won’t disappoint.

However, with its famous name, you could guess that Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most famous and busiest beaches. Don’t fret though, as Sydney is conveniently situated on the beautiful coastline has many beaches to offer. Below we have created a list of the 3 of the top local hotspots for when you want to escape the rush of Bondi Beach on a beautiful sunny day.

  • Little Bay Beach
    • Hidden down a Timber Staircase in Little Bay, you will find this hidden coastal gem; one of Sydney’s best kept secrets and a hotspot with Sydney Locals. Protected by two rock walls, you will find a small beach with settled waters and light waves. Little Bay beach is the perfect swimming location and to relax in serenity and escape crowded mayhem!
  • Flat Rock Beach
    • If you are looking for a day at the beach and an adventure, Flat Rock Beach is your answer. A secluded beach that will give you the best of both world with crystal blue waters and neighboured by a nature reserve for when you’re ready to experience the natural environment and view Australia’s native wildlife.
  • Coogee Beach
    • If you enjoy the excitement of the crowds however looking to find new scenery, Coogee Beach is your answer! Just as the name suggests, the beach is situated in the beachside suburb, Coogee and has become one of Sydney’s most popular beaches. Coogee Beach has a range of day-activities to offer; you can enjoy the sun soaked beach with patrolled waters and calm surf, explore the marine reserve for those wanting to see Australia’s famous marine wildlife, bring your friends and have an ‘Aussie BBQ’ and when you are finished, explore the bushwalks and discover one of Australia’s most renowned rock pools.

Once you have fulfilled your travelling excitement in Australia’s largest city, continue along the north coast for a change of pace and experience Australia’s coastal lifestyle. The small villages situated along the New South Wales coastline boast the true ‘Australian Lifestyle’ that is portrayed online and billboards all across the world. If you want to truly experience Australia, the New South Wales Coastline is a location not to be missed, below are our two top destinations to visit during your journey.


Situated on the mouth of the East Coast’s largest river, The Clarence River, and offering 11 unique beaches, Yamba is the ideal coastal destination. A small coastal village with the facilities of a large town, Yamba is a local’s secret that will give you a unique cultural experience that you can’t find in populated tourist hotspots.

During the holiday season, Yamba has visitors from all across Australia and is known to have a population that triples in size during peak season. Known by locals and less by tourists, Yamba is the place for you to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere rather than extravagant activities.

If you are keen surfer and like to avoid the crowds, you’re in luck as Yamba is known to be a local hotspot for surfing with some saying that it’s one of Australia’s best unknown surfing locations. If surfing doesn’t take your fancy, there are plenty of other water activities, including kayaking and whale and dolphin watching charters.

After you have soaked in the sun on the beach, go on a bush walk through the nature reserves or take guided tour to learn about one of the Coast’s history soaked towns.

If you want to experience the Australian lifestyle like a local, Yamba is the perfect destination.

Byron Bay

After you have enjoyed the quiet atmosphere of Yamba, continue north to one of Australia’s well known coastal towns, Byron Bay. Byron Bay sits at the most eastern point of Australia, situated between endless ocean and the mesmerising Hinterland. You may ask why Byron Bay is different to the other coastal towns as it boasts similar seaside beauty however the uniqueness comes from the town culture itself. Byron, as the locals call it, is a town with an ingrained surf culture and soaked with alternative lifestyles and will offer you a cultural experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The alternative lifestyle and the local’s effort to keep it a ‘small’ town contributes to its relaxed lifestyle and the truly unique culture that it has developed. Byron Bay attracts people from all different walks of life being a collaborative town that has something to offer everyone. When staying in Byron you can expect;

  • The Ultimate Surfing Experience – Byron Bay is known for its surf breaks and has been compared to some of the world’s best surfing locations.
  • An Artist’s Dream – Byron Bay has one of Australia’s largest Artist populations and as you walk through the town’s centre you see local artworks on every street corner.
  • Australia’s Best Rainforests – Situated next to the Hinterland you will have the opportunity to visit some of Australia’s ‘sub-tropical’ rainforests.
  • Crystal Clear Beaches – Just like many of the town’s along the East Coast, Byron Bay has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and are known for their clean sandbanks and pollution free water
  • A Health Detox – You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to experience a Byron Bay health retreat. The locals thrive off their alternative lifestyle encouraging health and well-being and have opened an array of day spas that will give you the true ‘Byron Bay Experience’
  • Music Culture Experience – Byron Bay’s reputation and convenient location has put the town on the map as one of Australia’s most well-known music hotspots. Attracting international artists every year, Byron Bay is home to some of Australia’s largest music festivals such as Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival and Byron Bay Blues Festival.